About Neli Gems

A true family company, Neli Gems represents the evolution of decades of father-son expertise in the field of precious stones. In 1977, the eldest Livian brother, Eli, moved to New York and established the existing business under its current name, bringing in father Yochanan and brothers Sam and Gabriel. Having spent their formative years in Italy, the three brothers grew up with exposure to the world's finest art and sensibilities. "Milan is the capital of good taste," says Sam Livian, Neli Gems' President, who grew up among the city's Italian Renaissance masterpieces. The simplicity and delicacy of Italian elegance are a trademark of Neli Gems to this day.

Neli Gems devoted its first decade in America exclusively to Colombian emeralds, establishing a reputation as emerald experts before expanding its focus to important stones of other varieties. Though Neli Gems holds true to its roots by acquiring any and all Colombian emeralds that cross its path, Livian is much more selective when it comes to other stones. With respect to rubies and sapphires, Neli Gems acquires only the exceptional stones that call out to Livian in some way. White and colored diamonds-including yellow, orange and highly rare blue and pink diamonds-also make up a significant part of Neli Gems' business. With a variety of cuts-heart-shaped, brilliant-cut, emerald-cut and pear-shaped among them-and carat weights that go into the double digits, Neli Gems' colored diamonds truly make for a resplendent rainbow.

Though trends may come and go, the stones at Neli Gems are treasured for their timeless beauty. Despite the vagaries of fashion, Livian notes, "If a stone is beautiful, it will always be beautiful."

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